Sunday, 24 November 2013

Etsy Christmas Snowman Ornament

I am trying to start a tradition with the boyfriend where each year we buy one new christmas decoration.  The aim is to build up a lovely eclectic mix of meaningful decorations and it creates a bit of 'us' personality on the tree and around the flat.  With this thought in mind, I found myself browsing Etsy and ogling at all of the hand made goodies.  This is one of my favourite online places to shop when I am trying to find something unusual, creative and basically not on the high street.  I came across a little shop called SoftTear which specialises in needle felt and immediately fell in love with the miniature pieces of cuteness.  They do a wide range of holiday themed items from Valentines to Easter and Christmas.  I opted to make my one new item a three piece set, and settled on purchasing the snowmen tree decorations.

The snowmen were shipped from Hong Kong, however to my surprise arrived very speedily (a couple of weeks).  They were beautifully packaged and even came with an adorable handwritten note from Keris the shop owner.  I love nice presentation and personal features as this just demonstrates how much time and love has gone into something.  This nice touch obviously received a huge thumbs up from me!  The snowmen themselves are very good quality and exceeded my expectations.  They cost £16.00 with a £3.00 shipping fee giving a total of just under £20.  Typically I would find this quite expensive just for a christmas decoration, however the fact that there is three and they are handmade with love won me over.  If you are looking for any christmas decorations or stocking fillers then I highly recommend SoftTear as you won't be disappointed.

Now I just need a tree to hang them on!

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  1. Thank you very much!! That's very lovely of you! Love you! <3